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“Beyond Roofing’s goal has always been a simple one – provide customers with exceptional customer service while maintaining superior quality and craftsmanship.”

Over 28 years of experience and thousands of high-quality roofing installations may speak for themselves but as our president, Dan Preisler, likes to say, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” So, here’s everything you need to know about our mission to go above and beyond for all our customers.

Three main points of focus set us apart from your average metro-Denver roofing contractor:

  • We offer unmatched expertise and transparency into the hows and whys of your project.
  • We consider customer service to be just as important as our craftsmanship.
  • We pride ourselves on a job well done.
The combination of these tenets is the key to customer satisfaction and a thriving business. Furthermore, all of our employees hold the same beliefs, leading to a powerful emulation of “customer-first” mentality. We’ve worked with countless homeowners, real estate agents, and property managers and have found that, while every project is different, our customers all want the same thing: to feel respected while receiving great value.

Our commitment to superior quality, best-in-class service, and efficient processes are simply unmatched.


Dan Preisler / President
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Minnesota. After college, I lived in Seattle, Washington for 8 years and Boise, Idaho for another 6 years. My wife and I moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado in 2006, where we still live with our two children.

How has your past influenced your decision to work with Beyond Roofing?
Growing up in the Midwest, I learned early-on about the importance of treating people the same way you want to be treated, and taking pride in a job well done. My favorite quote is: “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. My role at Beyond Roofing is a perfect fit for me because it gives me the opportunity to focus on the two things I am most passionate about: “Best-In-Class Customer Service” and “Operational Excellence”.

How did you find your way to Beyond Roofing? What is it that you look to provide to the team?
Prior to joining Beyond Roofing, I worked for over 20 years as a General Manager and Project Manager within the real estate industry. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to build and lead great teams that were focused on Best-In-Class Customer Service and Operational Excellence. Beyond Roofing, with its rich 25-year history, was one of the few metro-Denver roofing and exteriors contractors that that had earned a well-deserved reputation for service and excellence. My goal is to lead our amazing team in a way that will continue to build on this strong 25 year legacy, and exceed all of our customer’s expectations.

What do you love to do outside of work?
I love spending time with my wife, daughter and son. We are all avid skiers and enjoy traveling throughout Colorado. We also love to catch the latest movie together, or simply spend a quiet evening at home.

Where is one place you recommend everyone should go in Colorado?
Vail, Colorado in the summer. It’s easy to get to, beautiful, has great dining, activities, and energy.

Bryan Sherman / Director of Sales
Where are You From?
I was born in Lakeville Indiana but only spent a short time there before my family moved to Eureka, IL. Eureka is a small rural town between Chicago and St. Louis where I lived until I went to Loras College to study Criminal Justice. Along with earning my bachelor’s degree I was also a 3-time All American in swimming. My wife and I move to Colorado in 2008 and started a family in 2014.

How has your past influenced your decision to work with Beyond Roofing?
Throughout my college career I spent my summers working for a construction company that handled everything from handyman services to full custom home building. This experience taught me about several of the trades that Beyond Roofing covers (Roofing, siding, gutters, painting and windows and doors). After college I went to work for ADT Security. In my 9 year career in the security industry I did everything from installing alarms to leading and developing a sales team into one of the best in the country. This experience taught me a lot about what customers expect and how to achieve it. When the opportunity presented itself to work for Beyond Roofing it seemed like a great fit.

How did you find your way to Beyond Roofing? What is it that you look to provide to the team?
While I was selling security alarms, I spent several years refining how I gained business through the power of referrals. During this process I was introduced to Beyond Roofing. I enjoyed their take on customer service and how that focus then drove new business based on word of mouth. Once an opportunity was presented to me to come to work at Beyond Roofing, I took it. I look to apply my past experiences to help refine and build upon our customer service skills, to not only provide best in class abilities but to also impact how the industry is portrayed in the marketplace.

What do you love to do outside of work?
Most of my time away of work is spent with my family. We love to be outside, whether it is exploring new trails or teaching my daughters to ski. When I do have some time to myself I enjoy mountain biking and snowboarding.

Where is one place you recommend everyone should go in Colorado?
Colorado has so many great places and we have only scratched the surface, but there is one place that we keep coming back to. Twin Lakes is a small town at the base of Independence Pass that has some of the best views and allows us to step outside of city life very easily. If you have never been this should be on your list!

Joseph Fiasco / Production Manager
Where are you from?
I was born in Fort Knox Kentucky in a Military Family, spent a majority of my childhood in Pennsylvania and eventually went to College at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania under an Army ROTC 4 year scholarship for B.S. Biology/Chemistry and A.A.S Nano Technology. Upon graduation I became an Engineering officer for the Texas Army National Guard where I became a Platoon Leader for a Vertical Construction Company leading multiple construction projects over 2 years. I then became a Horizontal Construction Platoon Leader and lead several more projects. During Hurricane Harvey my Platoon was one of the first responders, where we utilized much of our equipment and training to rescue and evacuate hundreds of people while providing food and water to those in need during the severe flooding. Shortly after that I moved here to Denver to settle down with my family and we had our first kid in February of this 2018!

How has your past influenced your decision to work with Beyond Roofing?
My past experience has led me to this position because I greatly enjoy acting in the role of a project/production manager, scheduling and tracking multiple jobs and helping them come together and finish in the most effective manner possible.

How did you Find your way to beyond roofing?
After moving to Denver, my search for a project management role was what lead me to Beyond roofing. I feel my experience gives me a great deal of ability and adds to our overall effectiveness.

What is it that you look to provide to the team?
I feel my past work experience benefits Beyond Roofing because I have experience with quickly changing timelines, dealing with shortages and issues and managing the entire process from initial surveys to final construction project inspections. Having that overall knowledge base allows me to know what “right” looks like and how to streamline the process in the most effective methods even when issues arise.

What do you love to do outside of work?
In my free time I love spending time with my kid, hiking, playing computer games and going to trivia nights when time allows.

Where is one place you Recommend everyone goes in Colorado?
I haven’t been to many places yet, but every time I go hiking I enjoy exploring new location. My favorite so far that I would recommend to everyone is Elk Falls in Staunton State Park. It may take you most of the day to get to the outlook or down to the actual falls (you can go to both on the hike) but it is worth it.

Laura Ray / Office Manager
Where are You From?
I am a rare native of Denver and currently live in Golden.

How has your past influenced your decision to work with Beyond Roofing?
Prior to working for Beyond Roofing, I worked 10 years for an engineering company as an office manager. They focused on distribution of parts for mining operation throughout the west. I was the first line of support for their customer service assuring that there was always someone available for their needs. When looking for my next position, I knew I wanted to find a role that built on my customer service experience and empowered me to make a difference within an organization.

How did you find your way to Beyond Roofing? What is it that you look to provide to the team?
I was looking for something to a little closer to Golden so I could lessen my commute. When I interviewed with Beyond Roofing, I liked the family feel of the office and their approach to customer service. Since the company received a large majority of their business through referral sources, I knew that best-in-class customer service was important for continuing growth. With my past experience it was a natural transition for me to be the front line for their customers and point them in the right direction with any questions or concerns they may have. I also took on the responsibilities of overseeing the permitting process. This allows our production department to better use their time on project execution.

What do you love to do outside of work?
When not working with the team and customers at Beyond Roofing, I enjoy taking my dogs for daily walks, reading mystery novels (I love the suspense!) and spending time with my family and friends.

Where is one place you recommend everyone should go in Colorado?
While there are so many great places in Colorado my favorite is Breckenridge. No matter the season, they always have activities for everyone. There is also a diverse range of great restaurants for whatever you are in the mood for. I also make a point to visit the International Snow Sculpture Championship that they put on every year.

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Our competitors typically insist that your project be managed from start to finish by a salesperson whose primary motivation, quite frankly, is to sell new projects.  Once sold, it may be difficult to draw their attention from other projects and sales initiatives.  Not at Beyond Roofing.  We noted a long time ago that this structure created a significant misalignment of customer service goals.  Therefore, at Beyond Roofing, every one of our clients are assigned a single, dedicated customer service agent whose only objective is to provide superior customer service and ensure that each and every customer is fully satisfied with their project.  Our customer service agents are based in our corporate office where they can be reached every day to obtain immediate answers to your inquiries.  They aren’t out in the field selling new projects – their sole task is to provide you with frequent updates, answer your questions and help guide you through the process.

At Beyond Roofing, we take great pride in the network we have developed over 20 years working with insurance and real estate agents, property and association managers, and other industry professionals.  We aren’t storm chasers – more than 90% of our projects are obtained via referral from one of these professional groups.  We understand how to take care of a customer and their project, and these dedicated professionals have noticed.

Over 20 years we have also mastered the art of managing insurance claims.  Typically, clients need only to provide us with the name and contact information of their insurance agent, and we can handle the rest, making your experience painless.


Our 10 year workmanship warranty is one of the longest and most comprehensive in the industry.  Combined with standard product warranties of between 30 and 50 years, you can rest assured Beyond Roofing will stand by our work for years to come.

We are also a TamkoPro certified roofer – a certification obtained by less than 1% of roofing companies in the country – thus providing additional piece of mind that our financial structure, professional experience and project results have been vouched and verified by a highly qualified third party.  This certification also allows us to offer enhanced product warranties unavailable to our competitors and their clients.

Beyond Roofing is a fully insured a licensed Denver roofer. Our more than 20 years in business have earned us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We carry out all projects with integrity, honesty, quality and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.


The goal of our production process has always been to make it as transparent, easy and stress-free as possible for our customers.  Generally, the process begins with a roof inspection and assessment of potential damage.  Next, with the full support of your project manager and customer service representative, we will guide you through the insurance claim process – often requiring little or none of your time.  With your approval, we will coordinate the entirety of the claims process and submit all required documentation.  Once approved, we move forward with installation, typically to be completed within 30 days of our initial meeting. Upon completion, you will be provided with copies of your product and workmanship warranties, as well as a lien waiver and other necessary documentation. And, along the way, your customer service representative will be sure to provide you with numerous updates regarding status, timing and other considerations such as how and when to prepare your home for its roof installation.

Beyond Roofing Is a Proud Member Of the Colorado Roofing Association
We are now a member of the Colorado Roofing Association! We are proud to be recognized for the work we do in the community and we’re renewing our commitment to helping homeowners make the right decisions.


Contact us today to learn more about Beyond Roofing and how we can help address your roofing or other improvement project. Customer service agents stand ready to discuss your project, as well as our experience, expertise and unique customer service model.

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