If you have lived in Colorado for more than a year or two, you’ve probably experienced at least one hailstorm. Colorado’s frequent, spring and late summer hail storms are a common cause of roof damage in the state, particularly along the Front Range.

Although the state has experienced grapefruit-size hailstones at least 20 times, those monster hailstones are not the only size that can damage your roof. Even small hailstones can cause roof damage because of their sheer numbers and the velocity at which they strike. However, the damage they cause is not as noticeable, especially from ground level.

Your first indication of damage might be a stain on your ceiling from a leak. Unfortunately, by the time you see signs of a leak on the inside of your home, there could be additional problems such as mold and rot in the framing. It is a good idea to have your roof checked for damage after any hailstorm before serious problems develop!

Inspecting your roof from ground level

Even from ground level, you may notice some of these indicators of damage. If you see any, call for a free inspection from Beyond Roofing right away. Remember, the sooner any damage is addressed, the fewer problems you will experience down the road.

  • Check for dented gutters and downspouts – Your shingles are softer and present a much larger target than gutters and downspouts. If there is visible damage to one, the other is likely to be damaged as well.
  • Look for exposed metal – If you see any exposed metal from paint chipping or impact, especially around the eaves where flashing is present, it is an indication there may be more damage higher on the roof.
  • Look for other damage in your yard or on the street – Shredded flowers, broken tree limbs, dented fences or siding, chipped paint, and damaged vehicles are all indications of damaging hail. Since your roof is larger and more exposed, it’s at even more risk of damage than things at ground level.
  • Check your shingles – Are there signs of chipping around edges? Are any missing? Are there gaps or a disturbance to the shingle pattern? Is there wood or insulation showing? These are all signs of roof damage.

Checking for damage at roof level

The best way to check for roof damage is to get up on the roof for a close-up inspection. However, climbing onto the roof is dangerous. If you decide to do so, please be cautious, watch out for electrical lines, take all safety precautions, and never climb up there if you are home alone! To take the safest route, we recommend contacting a licenced roofing contractor like Beyond Roofing. Our roofing professionals will happily inspect your roof for damage – all at absolutely no charge to you!

Signs of possible damage:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken skylights – A broken skylight is pretty obvious but even tiny chips or cracks will eventually spread because of Colorado’s often dramatic freeze and thaw cycles. The result is frequently a broken skylight at the worst possible time!
  • Dents in metal roof vents and chimney covers – It is sometimes hard to see dents but rubbing a piece of chalk sideways on the metal will make them stand out.
  • Damage to shingles – Even the slightest damage to a shingle is enough to compromise its integrity and eventually lead to a leak. Indications of damaged shingles include curling, bruised or dimpled areas, or missing granules. You might notice those missing granules in your gutters. More obvious signs of damage include loose or missing shingles. Damaged areas should be marked with chalk and then photographed for insurance purposes.

Get an expert’s opinion – it’s free!

  • Always check for signs of potential damage after even small hailstorms.
  • Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, give yourself some peace of mind by asking for a professional inspection of your roof.
  • An expert will know how to spot damage that often goes unnoticed by someone who is inexperienced.
  • Don’t risk life and limb by clambering around on your roof. Instead, let an expert with the proper safety equipment inspect it for you.
  • If there is damage to your roof, you will be glad to catch it before it spreads to the inside of your home.

If there is damage to your roof, you will be glad to catch it before it spreads to the inside of your home.
Best of all, there is no charge for a professional inspection from Beyond Roofing. Contact us for more information today!