Home Sale & Roofing Contingencies

When preparing to sell their home, many homeowners are left wondering what potential issues could come up during a buyer’s home inspection. Potential buyers may have concerns about the age of your roof, or the inspection may even reveal damage that you, the seller doesn’t know about.

If roofing issues arise during the process of selling a home, a seller generally has two options:

  • Give the buyer a “credit” and reduce the sale price
  • Replace the roof before closing.

It may seem easier to simply lower your sale price rather than taking on a large repair project, but there are a number of reasons it may actually be a better idea to replace the roof yourself before selling the house.

Increased Sale Appeal

A new roof with a modern look can greatly increase your curb appeal, attracting more interested buyers than an older, outdated (or out of current code) style would. You can also use the fact that the roof was just replaced as a selling point in the listing. Your potential buyers will be much more inclined to buy knowing that they won’t need to worry about a roof replacement again for many years.

Fewer Objections to Purchase

The biggest objections that buyers often raise are related to issues with HVAC equipment, water heaters, plumbing, and roofing. Each of these may require expensive repairs that buyers may not be capable of paying for immediately after purchasing a house, or they may just not want to deal with the added hassle on top of moving and settling into their new home. Fixing any issues with these four systems before listing your house on the market can greatly reduce the chances of a buyer backing out or slowing down the closing process.

Storm Damage

If your roof has suffered any damage from a storm, you may not have to pay for the whole cost of the repair. Your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover at least a part of the cost to replace the roof in the case of hail or wind damage, and having a brand new roof could raise the final sale value by significantly more than you spend on a deductible.

Lending Restrictions

Lenders may deny or delay funding of a loan if a roof replacement is needed. Replacing the roof yourself before it gets to this point can help make sure that the sale goes through without any interference from lenders.

Our Roof Replacement Process



We will examine your home, take all the necessary measurements, and discuss your options in terms of materials and styles.



We will work with you to schedule your roof replacement as quickly and conveniently as we can to fit with your schedule.



We specialize in quick turnaround times for exactly this type of situation. We can often have a new roof in place on your home within the real estate transaction timeline so your sale goes as smoothly as possible and with minimal delays.

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