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Replacing your entire roof is a generally the largest investment you’ll make in maintaining your home.  As an integral part of your home’s protective shell, it is critical that the job is completed with the utmost in care and craftsmanship.  We understand the importance and investment of each and every roof replacement job and strive to ensure each lives up to the very highest industry standards.

Each of our roof replacement installations include flashing and rake metal, as well as all other components required by code.  We typically replace all vents and penetrations, and include Ice & Water shield (a protective barrier against ice dams) at no additional cost, as a free upgrade to each of our clients.  Synthetic underlayment, a highly tear-resistant material installed under shingles to create a waterproof barrier, is also often provided as a free upgrade.  In short, due to our long and successful supplier partnerships, we are able to offer upgraded materials at the same cost of our competitors’ standard options.


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Roof replacement has a number of advantages:


Increasing the protective value of your roof by replacing materials damaged by hail, wind, ice, rain, and UV rays


Improving the energy efficiency of your roof by installing materials of greater functionality or design


Minimizing the potential for future damage, both internal and external, due to compromised shingles or other components


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